Ancestral Altars & Research Workshop (NYC Workshop)

Ancestral Altars & Research Workshop (NYC Workshop)


Ancestral Altars & Research Workshop
June 10th 7pm-9pm · $65

A complete 101 Ancestral Altars course for constructing and understanding the purpose of an Ancestral Altar. Perfect for newbies, beginners, faulty-starters and anybody seeking clearer intent or purpose with their ancestors. This course will address everything from “What is an ancestor?” and “Am I culturally appropriating?” to “What is a ‘proper’ altar?” and “How do I acknowledge my ancestors if I don’t know any of them or much about them? No question is too big or too small for the foundational sacredness of an Ancestral Altar! Communication is always welcome

Thank you for taking up the gauntlet of your ancestors!

All participants will be receiving a copy of Sanyu’s Ancestral Altars 202 guide

Sanyu Estelle’s bio: Pigmented (78%), womoonist (as constant and faithful as the tides), cissy (femme but hetero-ish), multisexual (it's a spectrum, seems unwise to call it), travel-apt (Earth is a country) and fashion forward (Funk Flag Flyage) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). I'm your forebears attainable unreality. 

*Please bring a journal, pen, and bring a computer or a smart phone, if you have one, for Googling purposes. Please bring an item that represents an ancestor to the workshop as well.

*Wear comfortable clothing (Light colors or white. No black, no red)

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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